Polyhedral Dice Set: 7 Egyptian Dice

Created by Triple Ace Games Ltd

A beautifully crafted set of 7 Egyptian themed polyhedral dice for Egyptian themed tabletop games.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Soon!
11 days ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 09:22:50 AM

Dear Backers!

We've got great news in this update! Apologies for the poor photography, these were taken quickly on my phone.

Dice Boxes

We've been hard at work finishing the Anubis and Scarab dice boxes and today we are on the final stage of that process. Each dice box will be packaged in a bubble wrap bag for shipping and that is what we'll be doing today.

Emerald green Scarab Dice Boxes!
Anubis Boxes with their distinctive ruby red heads!


We've had our delivery of Egyptian Dice and they look great!

Bags of dice!

ARU's (All Rolled Up's) and Dice Trays and Bags! 

We've got all the ARU's, dice trays and dice bags ready to go as well!

Aru's and Dice Bags
Aru's and Dice Trays!

What's Next?

Ok so we're very close to shipping now. We need to do some stock management and admin work to get organised for packing, so we will be doing all of that over the next couple of weeks. We can say that we will be shipping everything in May - well ahead of our planned delivery date of late June.

Shipping Address Updates!

To complete our admin work we will need to lock shipping addresses in Backerkit. You will receive an email notification giving you 48hrs to update your address. If you know you have to update your address you can do it now by heading over to Backerkit and retrieving your survey here:


Please note that this is very important as any mistake here will mean a delay and possible extra shipping costs.

Thanks again for your backing and the next update should be that everything has shipped.


Rob & Wiggy

Dice Dudes

April 2021 Update
27 days ago – Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 09:14:45 AM

Hi Folks!

Here is the latest developments on the project!

We are making good progress towards the fulfilment of the rewards and hope to begin that soon well ahead of our projected June 2021 delivery window.

Now that the backerkit has ended for our kickstarter backers we were able to fix quantities on everything and it helped us figure out what we needed to complete - the biggest and most complicated part for us is making the dice boxes. I am pleased to say that we have nearly completed the 140 boxes but we have a little more work to go on those.

The dice will be arriving any day soon - we are so excited about this!

The dice trays, bags and ARU's have arrived and they look awesome!

So to summarise we think we are in a solid position at this point in the project and don't foresee any real difficulties at this point. 

We'll give you a warning about updating your addresses before we begin the fulfilment but more information on that will be given at that stage.

Thank you for your support and hope you are all surviving the difficult times we are in.

Rob & Wiggy

The Dice Dudes

February Update - Pledge Manager Closing
3 months ago – Mon, Feb 08, 2021 at 06:05:32 PM

Dear Backers

Just a quick update to let you know we will be locking orders and charging cards tomorrow on the backer kit.

There are a good number of backers yet to complete their surveys - we ask those of you yet to do this to complete the survey manager today. 

To retrieve your survey click here:


Failing to complete the survey in a timely manner WILL result in rewards being delayed for those people.

Thank you for your support!


Dice Dudes!

January 2021 Update
4 months ago – Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 09:51:10 PM

Dear Backers

We hope you are keeping safe and well.

Anubis Dice Boxes

We've been busy continuing our work on the various rewards that come with the dice and the dice boxes are indeed the most time consuming but we are making progress. We have decided to add a further 20 Anubis Dice boxes into the pledge manager!

Simply head back over to backerkit to add one of these boxes to your order!

If you need to retrieve your pledge manager click on the following link:



Dice Samples

We've had the latest dice samples from China and we're super happy how they have come out! So we are well into the mass production now and hope to have the final shipment in a few weeks after the Chinese new year.

Latest mass production samples.

Other Rewards

The other rewards like the dice bags and ARU's are still in production but everything is progressing well and we hope to have everything together with the dice in a few weeks at which time we can begin the fulfilment to backers! We are certainly on target and in a good place with the project at this moment.

Pledge Manager

We are going to lock the pledge manager in early February and also charge cards then so we can finalise the orders. Shipping addresses will still be unlocked and we will only lock shipping addresses when we are closer to fulfilment.

That is all our news for the moment!


Rob & Wiggy


Production Update!
6 months ago – Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 12:27:45 PM

Dear Backers

We don't have a huge amount of news - but here is our latest update! 

What's Happening Now? 

So we have been in discussion with our dice manufacturer and we are well into the dice production - things are progressing well and we should receive samples soon! 

Dice Boxes

The dice boxes (Scarab and Anubis Warrior) are also progressing well - these are being made in house so we have complete control on them and we are about half way through with the first batch.

Backers have asked for more to be made available so we are working toward doing that before Christmas. We will keep the backerkit open until we are sure we can produce the extras required. We just don't want to over extend ourselves and create a situation where we disappoint backers.

The ARU's and dice trays have been ordered also and they will begin production soon.

That pretty much covers all the news we have for now!

We hope you are all staying safe at the tricky time!

Best wishes


TAG & Dice Dudes